A Living Book – Autobiographical Reflections 1

A Living Book – Autobiographical Reflections 1

: Paperback, 480 pages

Table of contents

1. The mysterious pathways of destiny
2. A childhood in the mountains of Macedonia
3. Live in Varna, beside the Black Sea
5.The experience of fire
6. Into the heart of the rose
7. Rhe universal symphony
8. Meeting Master Peter Deunov
The revelations of Psalm 116
9.‘Fantasia’, France
10. No prison can cofine the spirit
11. A year in India: February 1959 - February 1960
12. I am a child of teh sun
13. Between speach and silence
14. I just write my own book
15. All creation speaks to me, and I speak to it
16. An ideal of fraternal life
17. All I want for you is to be free
18. Others help you through me
19. Only the unattainable is real


Artists create works that are external to themselves using external materials; they concentrate their efforts on this external matter, and they create marvels. But I will say that, for me, true artists are those who are able to take themselves, first and foremost as their creative matter. All the methods of the spiritual life are available to them to help and inspire them in this task.
ln the psychíc world, we can be musicians, poets, architects, sculptors, etc. The work done by disciples of lnitiatic Science includes all the arts. What a discovery it was for me, the day I understood that I could work on matter which was not foreign to me – my own matter. That is why I only work at writing my own book, that is to say, myself. I have never written anything other than the book that is me. You will say, 'But what about the books we read?' I don't write them, I have entrusted this work to certain people. My task is only to write my own book, and when I speak I do so in the knowledge that I am also writing. Yes, when I speak I am striving to print heavenly writings on your souls.
... And each one of you is also a book, a book that you yourself are in the process of writing: your thoughts and feelings trace the characters of a script which will be engraved on the matter of your subtle bodies. So, from now on, your work is to become a living book. By applying yourself to this work, you will have a beneficial influence on all those you come into contact with. That is also fraternal love.